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Welcome on the webpages that present me, my hobbies and other activities to the world. I'm Bernard, a Dutch person who has lived and worked in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg since 2007. For several years I worked as a language teacher, but currently I am employed at the House of Training, an organisation that offers professional training in several domains.

Geofiction is the art of creating and elaborating fictional geographical entities and everything that comes with it, such as maps, politics, culture, language, economy, society. These countries can be developed as isolated projects or as part of projects with two or more participants. Although geofiction in general may also include fantasy and science fiction, my countries are mostly modelled on real earth countries with the contemporary level of technology, ideas, etc., which I find more appealing and challenging. I also hate elves, dwarfs and dragons.

The countries in the lists below are currently active and therefore regularly elaborated and updated.

Countries on earth
Most of my countries are situated on earth, but not always in the same 'universe'. This means that of the countries below, Kronenburg and Cartyas don't know of each other's existence. The AGL, FICT, and Exumbra universes overlap; not all members of these universes do 'business' with all members of the other universes.

The AGL, FICT, and the Exumbran Convention are fictional international organisations that my countries have joined. Atlantisgeo is a Dutch forum aimed to develop a series of common continents in (mostly) the Atlantic Ocean.

AGL/FICT/Exumbra universes
Kronenburg kingdom North America 1997
Adzhatia republic Northern Europe 2003
Voskia republic Southern Europe 2003
Harrawi republic Eastern Africa 2010
New Courland duchy Caribbean 2012
Atlantisgeo universe
Cartyas undefined Atlantis (Borealia) 2013
Pagania kingdom Atlantis 2015

Countries on other planets
Some of the projects in which I take part are situated on other earth-like planets. My currently active countries in these projects include:

Open Geofiction Forum
Řots kingdom Archanta (Astrasia) 2015
Wyster kingdom Uletha 2015

Tak undefined Smalik 2015
Kemedal kingdom Eras 2016
LUKP republic Smalik 2016
Bėltse kingdom Smalik 2016
Coare Republic republic Smalik 2016
Gen duchy Smalik 2016
Vaara demarchy Smalik 2016
Western Shore republic Smalik 2016
Sambekistan kingdom Demani 2017
Oreva misalry Amagome 2018

Some of my countries are represented on Geopoeia, a wiki dedicated to geofiction.

Activities on facebook
I have three pages on facebook related to my geofictional activities: the Kronenburg page, Learn Useless Adzhatic, and a (very inactive) page dedicated to the fictional religion of the Sambeke Bitheism.

Composer of classical music
Theoretically I am a composer of classical music, although not very actively in the last couple of years.

I speak several languages and
try to learn new ones when I get the chance and have the time. At the moment the languages I speak include Dutch (native speaker), English (C1), French (B2), Luxembourgish (B2), German (B2), Danish (A2), Russian (A2), Swedish (A1). I have written understanding of Italian, Portuguese, Frisian, and Norwegian and, to a lesser extent, Romanian and Spanish.

Luxembourg, June 2018