Institute for Central Smalik Affairs • Rik Hə ti ƿɛPəə kə Em Hək Slt • Dillouh Sis-Smaliha Cowdee

The Lectern, officially the State of the Lectern is a small nation in western central Smalik, bordering Kencari, Sarigis, and Both Watches, as well as the Cislendian Ocean. It is the only remaining part of the defunct Lectern of the United Kencari Peoples (LUKP) that extisted between 316 and 319 and contains the cities Sky City, former capital of both Bowdani and the LUKP, and Sarissest, where the Lectern's government is currently residing as Sky City was heavily damaged during the civil war that resulted in the desintegration of the LUKP. Together with Both Watches, and to a certain extent Sarigis and Black Bowdani, The Lectern is one of the remaining nations where the Ingallish are still the dominant population group.

Official name: State of the Lectern
Demonym: of the Lectern
Area: t.b.a.
Regime: republic

Inhabitants: 4,622,500 (est. 1/1/322)
Population density: t.b.a.
Population growth: -3.97% (321)
Life expectancy: 65.7 (male), 72.8 (female)
Top 5 cities (+ inhabitants):
 ·  Sky City (1,998,354)
 ·  Sarissest (497,133)
 ·  Chapels (39,107)
 ·  Rosedale-St-Reggie (31,445)
 ·  Hilverbrook (29,268)
Ethnic groups: Ingallish
Languages: Ingallish
Literacy: 97%
Religions: Orthodox Church of Bowdani (99%), other (1%)
Universities: University of Sky City (closed)

Independence: 16 October 316 (secession from Bowdani as the Lectern of United Kencari Peoples); 21 October 319 (name changed to The Lectern)
Capital: Sky City (de iure); government residing in Sarissest
Administrative division: none at the moment
Head of state and government: First Citizen Emmett Risdale (since 2 January 322)
Legislative: House of the Lectern (175 members, but it hasn't convened since 319)
Political parties: t.b.a.
Minister of foreign affairs: John Masterson (since 2 January 322)
International organisations: United Nations of Vexillium
Judiciary: t.b.a.
GDP: 4.2 billion; 903 per capita (est. 321)
Currency: Siester of the Lectern
Inflation: t.b.a. (321)
Unemployment: 23.9% (est. 1/1/322)
Working population: agriculture 19.5%, industry 55.8%, services 24.7%
Export: t.b.a.
Import: t.b.a.
Main trade partners: various Smalik nations
Main companies: t.b.a.

International phone number: t.b.a.
Main local numbers: t.b.a.
Internet code: t.b.a.
Main newspapers: t.b.a.
Time zone: CMT -3

Roads: t.b.a.
Railroads: t.b.a.
Airports: t.b.a.

Highest mountain: t.b.a.
Longest river: t.b.a.
Climate: temperate, oceanic

Official holidays: t.b.a.
National anthem: t.b.a.
Flag: two horizontal blue banners crossing three vertical red ones on a white background, with the middle red banner being placed over the blue banners and the red side banners behind the blue banners.

Geography and climate
To be elaborated.

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List of First Citizens of the Lectern
  319 - 319   Graham Kaeiths
  319 - 320   Dethmer DeVillers
  320 - 320   Archibald Duff (first time)
  320 - 320   Harold Blenkinsop
  320 - 320   Archibald Duff (second time)
  320 - 320   John Savage
  320 - 320   Tristan Hilberry
  320 - 321   Archibald Duff (third time)
  320 - 322   Peter Thornbury (in opposition against Duff)
  322 - 322   Emmett Risdale

List of Grand Pensionaries of the LUKP
  316 - 316   Duncan Fairweather (acting)
  316 - 317   Oliver Boynton (acting)
  317 - 319   Stanley Winchester (disappeared 318)

List of Presidents of Bowdani
  235 - 243   Charles Wargrave
  243 - 247   Rupert de Beaverbrouc
  247 - 255   Arthur Ogilvy
  255 - 263   Malcolm Green
  263 - 267   William Brown
  267 - 271   Thomas Gray
  271 - 275   Agatha Melrose (f)
  275 - 276   Philipp Rowntree (murdered)
  276 - 280   William Close (deposed)
  280 - 282   Ivan Rudilf (leader of the Warriors of the August Revolution; deposed)
  282 - 300   Andrew Urban (deposed)
  300 - 316   David Leah
  316 - 316   Duncan Fairweather (acting)

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Society, culture, and sports
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