Apthuwkists elect Carabine 318-319
WOSTSA (Bëltse), 13/05/318 || In a public ceremony that attracted a large crowd, Thuwkist monks elected their next religious leader yesterday, who will succeed the incumbent Carabine Optsinthar on the 1st of June. Like last year, the monks chose one of the less prominent monks, indicating (according to experts) that the conflict between proponents of ex-Carabine Thuabak II and those of the monk Rubwnar Thortsin hasn’t been solved yet (see Sky City Bumblebee nr. 14). Nevertheless, Optsinthar tried to emphasise spirituality and drive the monks away from engaging in internal politics during his one year term, and it is expected that the new Carabine will follow a similar policy.

The new Carabine is Pilkn Bossar, who will be known as Carabine Ildar IV. Although attached to one of the largest monasteries in Bëltse, the Rassere Huwure Khontsa (the Monastery of the Four Gods), he hasn’t played an important role there, and seemed to be mainly responsible for the chicken coop. (SORRE PWEDUM RREWOKN)

Well deserved break for our government ministers? (editorial)
SKY CITY, 07/05/318 || “It has been noted by several of our fellow compatriots that some of our governing ministers have been absent lately. Although this may have raised concern among a few, the majority doesn’t seem to care, because, hey: the Grand Pensionary is still spotted on his way to work every day, and even then: don’t the people who rule our country deserve a break every once in a while too? With all the bank holidays this month, you can’t expect our ministers to stay at home and do nothing!

“Among those who are currently on holiday are the ministers of budget Dean Winterset, domestic affairs Mathilda Baskingham, education Alison Hirda, natural resources Clothilda Mannerpool, and public affairs Strävuss Iskenig. You probably all saw Education minister Alison Hirda’s cheerful post on her Telent account yesterday; she is enjoying a well deserved holiday in the Greater Malvadorias Union, if I’m not mistaken. Minister Winterset posted some beach pictures on his account, but didn’t want to share the exact location of his holiday (I can imagine that he wants to get away from it all, after everything through which our young country has gone, and doesn’t fancy bumping into reporters or something of the sort), and ministers Baskingham, Mannerpool, and Iskenig are allegedly visiting interesting and/or relaxing places as well, according to their respective ministries.

“So there you have it: holidays are good for one’s health, so if you have the opportunity to take one, don’t hesitate! And if you are afraid that our ministers have been kidnapped, you certainly need some time off, because your boss probably won’t like that kind of paranoia among his staff! As you know, our Cislendian coasts are very attractive this time of year.” (Tim Dawson, THE SMALIK CHRONICLE)

Prime Minister not concerned for WS safety after heavy explosion in Pearyt (LUKP)
TASKÄ, 17/04/318 || In an emergency session of the Westernshorian parliament, Prime Minister Kenneth Irving said that there is no need for alarm after a large explosion allegedly destroyed half of the city centre of Pearyt this morning. Pearyt is a city located on the western shore of Lake Pearyt in the Lectern of United Kencari Peoples not far from the Westernshorian border. News from the LUKP has however been scarse since the incident and the large columns of smoke that are visible from Westernshorian territory unsettled the population of the young republic.

The Prime Minister assured parliament however that there the safety of the Western Shore has not been compromised and that the LUKP authorities are keeping him apprised about the situation in Pearyt; currently they are investigating what exactly happened, but it is too early to draw a conclusion.

Speculations are running wild however: ever since the LUKP national army took control of the city of Fort Boare after rebellious Kencari threatened to declare Fort Boare province independent from the LUKP, there have been rumours of various minor and larger incidents all over the country that may or may not have been caused by Kencari rebels, but these don’t seem to be confirmed by LUKP news agencies.

he Prime Minister’s casual approach of this and other incidents is however just a façade, according to political analysts, who claim that there has been a recent increase of activity at the defense ministry and of SUECS interaction. (NŎT ĐAMI RIPABLIC SA)

Sky City Bumblebee editors arrested for tax fraud
SKY CITY, 13/04/318 || This Friday couldn’t have been more the thirteenth for the editors of the Sky City Bumblebee, a minor newspaper covering events in former Bowdani nations excluding Tak and Flovaigne. Five minutes after chief editor Eric Haughabby and his staff entered their office, it was raided by the police who arrested the lot on grounds of tax evasion. A spokesperson of the LFCA (the LUKP Finance and Customs Authority) explained that the newspaper had put away large parts of its revenue on foreign bank accounts after falsely declaring them as applicable for tax exemption or deductible business expenses. The production of the newspaper has ceased with immediate effect. (THE SMALIK CHRONICLE)

LUKP army takes control of Fort Boare
FORT BOARE, 16/02/318 || During the last week, the LUKP national army has taken control of the city of Fort Boare, expelling the militia that kept the city hall and the provincial parliament occupied for several weeks. Defense minister Hildegard Irvystone-Saggs declared the army’s victory yesterday evening, amid criticism that the Nucani rebels haven’t been defeated.

The government’s tone changed towards February, with the militia and other proponents of Nucani independence openly being called ‘Kencari rebels’, despite protests by Kencari nationals from other parts of the country, some of whom called the Kencari members of the government ‘traitors’ for allowing this discrimination against their people. In several cities Ingallish and pro-government buildings have been vandalised with paint and toiletpaper. On 8 February Grand Pensionary Stanley Winchester appeared on national television urging the population to remain calm. From that point on, media and government officials referred to the rebels as ‘Nucani rebels’, wich seemed to have done the trick.

The Nucani rebels continue however to fight against the national army and seem to have erected several bases throughout the province. It is unclear how they get their weapons, but according to a spokesperson of the defense ministry the rebels are far more heavily armed than expected. Some rightwing political commentors have suggested that a strong LUKP is not in the interest of certain foreign parties and that spies and agitators are trying to keep the country weak, such as Bowdani had been for more than fifteen years. (SKY CITY BUMBLEBEE)

Coare may vote again
COARNIGG, 09/02/318 || After more than two months since the early elections took place in the Coare Republic, the parties still haven’t managed to form any coalition government, and there is not much hope left that it will be possible with the current seat division. Rumours have it that several parties have started negotiating about the conditions of new elections to solve the current stalemate situation.

The largest party CCCP is thirteen seats away from a majority, but the only party that seems ideologically close, TBP, has stated that it won’t take part in any government following its heavy loss in December – and they don’t have enough seats to have such a coalition reach 65 anyway.

Acting prime minister Dame Mildred Kerr’s party MTP, which is currently second placed, tried to form a rightwing government, but although four parties were willing to participate (MTP, Bowdani Values, the Burovians, and the Party for an Orthodox Foundation), they ended up three seats short as Dr Greg Ford’s Cruisan Values Party refused to participate or to support such a coalition.

“The only thing that we haven’t really given much thought yet, is a grand coalition of CCCP and MTP, which would have 86 seats in the House”, Dame Kerr said yesterday, “but both Mr Stone, the leader of the CCCP, and I feel that there are too many differences between our parties to make such a coalition work. We would end up with the same sort of government that was in place until now and which wasn’t able to continue, due to which we are now in this situation”.

The final decision lies with the president, Sir Julius Whittington. If the parties agree on the fact that they don’t agree and propose new elections, the president can either accept this point of view and call early elections again, or he can refuse and ask the parties to continue negotiat-ing. In that case, there will be a time limit however: if no government agreement is concluded within a month after the president’s decision, the only thing he can do is call for new elections. (SKY CITY BUMBLEBEE)

LUKP Council of Peoples ratifies ITCV charter
SKY CITY, 05/02/318 || The Council of Peoples, the parliament of the LUKP, has ratified the charter of the International Trade Council of Vexillium today, with the parties Direction Orthodoxy, Lectern for a Planned Future, Party for a Glorious History and Future, and the Union of Workers’ Interests voting against (252 of 663 members) voting against and Best Choice For You (28 members) abstaining. Grand Pensionary Stanley Winchester hailed the ratification as a new chapter in the economic history of Central Smalik.

Directly after he was elected Grand Pensionary last May, Winchester announced his intention to have the LUKP apply for ITCV membership. In the last couple of months the government has initiated radical economic reforms in order to make the LUKP’s economy viable again, after successive Bowdani governments all but destroyed what was once one of the planet’s strongest economies.

Together with the ratification of the ITCV charter, the Council of Peoples approved government plans to gradually reduce monetary tarrifs on the importation of goods from ITCV member states for which this doesn’t apply already. Apart from this, the ministry of economic affairs announced a complete review of the monetary import tarrifs for ITCV non-members. This has caused some alarm in neighbouring nations, including the SUECS countries, who fear that trade with the LUKP may be subject to more unfavorable regulation.

In the upcoming months, the Council of Peoples is expected to vote on the initiation of subsidy reduction on products, although minister of economic affairs Bola Cibih said that negotiations with ITCV are still in progress about the possibility to keep some subsidies in place for now, as a transitional measure. The LUKP laws regarding the protection of intellectual property are mostly in alignment already with ITCV requirements, whereas the freedom of transportation requirement that applies to some ITCV member states already, will be extended to all of them.

The small state of Vaara in the meantime is preparing ITCV membership as well, although its government stated that it would only do so if one of its neighbours applied as well, fearing that it would be too small to benefit from the organisation.

ITCV membership of the LUKP and Vaara will have to be approved by a majority of the Trade Council of the ITCV. These countries joining may however be a small boost for the ITCV that saw several member states leave in the past few years. (SKY CITY BUMBLEBEE)

Last day of the Republic of Bowdani
SKY CITY, 15/10/318 || During a sober ceremony that attracted a lot of attention from the national and international press nevertheless, and in the presence of numerous (still) Bowdani officials as well as the minister of foreign affairs of the Free States of Tak, acting president Duncan Fairweather, appointed after former president Sir David Leah stepped down earlier this year, signed a small pile of official documents and thus handed over the authority over parts of the Bowdani territory to the newly established Kingdom of Bëltse, the Coare Republic, the Republic of Flovaigne, the Duchy of Gen, and the state of Vaara, effective tomorrow, 16 October 316. The president also signed the document by which the Republic of Bowdani retroactively recognised the secession of the Free States of Tak, an important step in the international diplomatic recognition of that country.

Although the ceremony signals the end of the Republic of Bowdani, numerous issues have yet to be resolved, such as the dismantling and transfer to the successor states of the Bowdani armed forces. What remains of Bowdani will be continuing as the Lectern of the United Kencari Peoples (LUKP), named after the most prominent minority peoples in the western part of the country. The most prominent public office in the LUKP will be the Grand Pensionary. Until the first Grand Pensionary can be elected, Duncan Fairweather will assume the office in an interim capacity, heading a provisional government.

The proposed government system of the LUKP provides a substantial increase of power for the Kencari and Pocari peoples, who under Bowdani rule played a subordinated role under the Ingallish elite. Not everybody is happy with these changes though and especially in the larger cities Ingallish opposition to the new situation is strong. According to the acting president however, "what these countries need is time: time to adjust to the new situations, time to forge new friendships, time to find our separate ways together".

In the Coare Republic and the state of Vaara provisional governments will start working tomorrow as well, whereas the new King of Bëltse, Krethn III Terirn-Ëkmol (descendant of the family that ruled the Bullocks more than thousand years ago; the last ruler Hahnts V betrayed his own people and sold them out to the Kencari in 643 BP), and the Duke of Gen, Tober-Bas Aag, will appoint governments first thing tomorrow. Although representatives of each new nation expressed their intention to give their respective peoples a great say in the government system, it is feared that the king of Bëltse may be less willing to cooperate with others than himself.

The people of Bowdani in the meantime are both exited and anxious, unsure of what this new chapter in the history of Smalik will bring.