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Last day of the Republic of Bowdani
SKY CITY (15 October 316) ~ During a sober ceremony that attracted a lot of attention from the national and international press nevertheless, and in the presence of numerous (still) Bowdani officials as well as the minister of foreign affairs of the Free States of Tak, acting president Duncan Fairweather, appointed after former president Sir David Leah stepped down earlier this year, signed a small pile of official documents and thus handed over the authority over parts of the Bowdani territory to the newly established Kingdom of Bltse, the Coare Republic, the Republic of Flovaigne, the Duchy of Gen, and the state of Vaara, effective tomorrow, 16 October 316. The president also signed the document by which the Republic of Bowdani retroactively recognised the secession of the Free States of Tak, an important step in the international diplomatic recognition of that country.

Although the ceremony signals the end of the Republic of Bowdani, numerous issues have yet to be resolved, such as the dismantling and transfer to the successor states of the Bowdani armed forces. What remains of Bowdani will be continuing as the Lectern of the United Kencari Peoples (LUKP), named after the most prominent minority peoples in the western part of the country. The most prominent public office in the LUKP will be the Grand Pensionary. Until the first Grand Pensionary can be elected, Duncan Fairweather will assume the office in an interim capacity, heading a provisional government.

The proposed government system of the LUKP provides a substantial increase of power for the Kencari and Pocari peoples, who under Bowdani rule played a subordinated role under the Ingallish elite. Not everybody is happy with these changes though and especially in the larger cities Ingallish opposition to the new situation is strong. According to the acting president however, "what these countries need is time: time to adjust to the new situations, time to forge new friendships, time to find our separate ways together".

In the Coare Republic and the state of Vaara provisional governments will start working tomorrow as well, whereas the new King of Bltse, Krethn III Terirn-kmol (descendant of the family that ruled the Bullocks more than thousand years ago; the last ruler Hahnts V betrayed his own people and sold them out to the Kencari in 643 BP), and the Duke of Gen, Tober-Bas Aag, will appoint governments first thing tomorrow. Although representatives of each new nation expressed their intention to give their respective peoples a great say in the government system, it is feared that the king of Bltse may be less willing to cooperate with others than himself.

The people of Bowdani in the meantime are both exited and anxious, unsure of what this new chapter in the history of Smalik will bring.