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White Bowdani, officially just called Bowdani, is a nation in the south of Smalik, formed on 26 November 318 as the result of the desintegration of the Lectern of United Kencari Peoples. As there were two nations at the time that decided to call themselves 'Bowdani', the southern one is usually informally called 'White Bowdani', after the White Kencari people who are among the nation's indigenous inhabitants, or after the fact that the country has a cold climate and that snow is therefore not uncommon.

Official name: Bowdani (Ingallish); Bodavi (White Kencari); Vådhami (South-Pocari)
Demonym: Bowdani
Area: t.b.a.
Regime: republic

Inhabitants: 3,230,749 (est. 1/1/322)
Population density: t.b.a.
Population growth: 1.03% (321)
Life expectancy: 71.5 (male), 77.2 (female)
Top 5 cities (+ inhabitants):
 ·  Bädlouh (Beillo/Bullock) (463,888)
 ·  B́iaizág (Cheysseg) (97,308)
 ·  Baviass (49,699)
 ·  Jituini (40,184)
 ·  Ɠe̊ghaza (Gohaza) (36,818)
Ethnic groups: Ingallish, Kencari, Pocari, Gen, Bëltse, Davenportian
Languages: Ingallish, White Kencari, South-Pocari (official), Coastal Kencari, others
Literacy: 99%
Religions: Orthodox Church of Bowdani (55%), Papaist Church (38%),
Thuwkism (4%), other (3%)
Universities: University of Bädlouh

Independence: 26 November 318 (secession from the LUKP)
Capital: Bädlouh (Beillo/Bullock)
Administrative division: seventeen divisions
Head of state and government: Chairman Pievo Santarev (since 4 April 319)
Legislative: The Council of Elders, which has 165 members divided in five ethnic groups: the Coastal Kencari, the White Kencari, and South Poccari are each represented by 42 members, the Ingallish are represented by 30 members, and other ethnic groups by the remaining 9 members. Before elections, political parties have to present a list of candidates that originate from at least three of the country's ethnic groups and who are equally put at eligible positions.
Political parties: t.b.a.
Assessor of foreign affairs: Mr Uksir B́ialcego (since 4 April 319)
International organisations: United Nations of Vexillium, STOIC
Judiciary: t.b.a.
GDP: 37.66billion; 11,658 per capita (est. 321)
Currency: Kencari Suba
Inflation: t.b.a. (321)
Unemployment: 2.5% (est. 1/1/322)
Working population: agriculture 41.5%, industry 29.3%, services 29.2%
Export: t.b.a.
Import: t.b.a.
Main trade partners: STOIC, other Smalik nations
Main companies: t.b.a.

International phone number: t.b.a.
Main local numbers: t.b.a.
Internet code: .bw, .bwi
Main newspapers: t.b.a.
Time zone: CMT -3

Roads: t.b.a.
Railroads: t.b.a.
Airports: t.b.a.

Highest mountain: t.b.a.
Longest river: t.b.a.
Climate: temperate, oceanic

Official holidays: t.b.a.
National anthem: t.b.a.
Flag: three vertical panels blue-dark yellow-blue; a red circle in the centre contains the yellow Bowdani star.

Geography and climate
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List of Chairpersons of White Bowdani
  318 - 319   Transitional government
  319 - 324   Mr Pievo Santarev

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Society, culture, and sports
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