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The Duchy of Gen (Gen: Voqeqalle Gen'eg) is a small country in southern Central Smalik bordering Nucani, Davenport, White Bowdani, and Bėltse. It is one of the seven original successor nations to the Republic Bowdani. Originally off- centre in Bowdani, Gen has the fewest native Ingallish or Ingallish immigrants of all post- Bowdani nations.

The Duchy is headed by a Duke, since the nation's independence Tober-Bas Aag, who wields some political power, which he has to share however with the government. The capital of Gen is the city with the same name.

Official name: Voqeqalle Gen'eg (Gen); Duchy of Gen (Ingallish)
Pronunciation: /gɛn/, with g as in green, not as in gender
Demonym: Gen, Gennic, Gennish
Area: t.b.a.
Regime: constitutional monarchy

Inhabitants: 646,477 (est. 1/1/322)
Population density: t.b.a.
Population growth: 0.85% (321)
Life expectancy: 71.6 (male), 74.3 (female)
Top 5 cities (+ inhabitants):
 ·  Gen (112,386)
 ·  Iddor (49,108)
 ·  Qaetteret / Kerrit (17,934)
 ·  Solva (14,934)
 ·  Ovaen / Ovane (10,308)
Ethnic groups: Gen, Ingallish, Kencari, Flovaignians, Davenportians
Languages: Gen, Ingallish, Lake Kencari, Flovaignian, Phenixian, other
Literacy: 96%
Religions: Orthodox Church of Bowdani (94%), Thuwkism (5%), other (1%)
Universities: none

Independence: 16 October 316 (secession from Bowdani)
Capital: Gen
Administrative division: four districts
Head of state: Duke Tober-Bas Aag (since 16 October 316)
Legislative: Tottuuver Ken'eg (Palace of Laws, 42 members)
Political parties: National Solidarity Party (NSP), Gen Labour Party (GLP), Orthodox Alternative (OA), Balance of Tradition and Change (BTC), Party for the Greater Good (PGG).
Head of government: First Minister Mr Elleri Sootis (NSP, since 16 October 316)
Minister of foreign affairs: Ms Gilede Haar-Semab (NSP, since 16 October 316)
International organisations: United Nations of Vexillium, STOIC
Judiciary: t.b.a.
GDP: 22.75 billion; 35,185 per capita (est. 321)
Currency: Ooris
Inflation: 5.9% (321)
Unemployment: 2.7% (est. 1/1/322)
Working population: agriculture 37.6%, industry 27.8%, services 34.6%
Export: t.b.a.
Import: t.b.a.
Main trade partners: STOIC, other Smalik nations
Main companies: Qarrort Veerort'enge Gep (cars), Sintti Noosir (beer brewery), ...

International phone number: +351 (shared with Bėltse and Vaara)
Main local numbers: numbers starting with 070 to 079 are reserved for Gen. Numbers are not geographically linked.
Special local numbers: 000 to 009 and 090 to 099 (shared with Bėltse and Vaara)
Internet code: .gn, .gen
Main newspapers: t.b.a.
Time zone: CMT -3

Roads: t.b.a.
Railroads: t.b.a.
Airports: t.b.a.

Highest mountain: Hirritt
Longest river: t.b.a.
Climate: temperate

Official holidays: 23 March (Eleenn Ostevel 'Saint Helen'), 20 December (National Holiday)
National anthem: t.b.a.
Flag: three panels red-yellow-red, the yellow panel being slightly larger than the red ones. In each of the red panels is a sword pointing down.

Geography and climate
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Elections took place in January 317 and January 321; although the NSP became the largest party in both elections, they were only able to form a minority government in 317, which was supported mainly by the OA. After the 321 elections they were able to govern alone with a majority of 25 of 42 seats.

List of Dukes of Gen
  316 - 316   Tober-Bas Aag

List of First Ministers of Gen
  316 - 325   Mr Elleri Sootis

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Society, culture, and sports
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