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Nucani, officially the Kingdom of Nucani (Lake Kencari: Kagezusta Nucani ha), is a nation in Central Smalik bordering Flovaigne, Davenport, Gen, Bėltse, Vaara, Sarigis, and Kencari. It is almost entirely landlocked except for a small strip of land on the southern shore of Lake Pearyt. The country became independent on 29 October 318 as part of the desintegration of the Lectern of United Kencari Peoples (LUKP) and counts as one of the areas hit most severely by the civil war besides the area around LUKP capital Sky City. The choice to become a kingdom is partially the result of the involvement of excentric businessman Moeh Ppiobah-Auss in the area's affairs, and he subsequently became the country's first king. Clashes between the Ingallish and Kencari population formed an important reason for the violent chapters of the LUKP civil war in Nucani, and many Ingallish citizens have since left the country.

Official name: Kagezusta Nucani ha (Lake Kencari), 'Kingdom of Nucani'
Demonym: Nucani
Area: t.b.a.
Regime: constitutional monarchy

Inhabitants: 4,176,608 (est. 1/1/323)
Population density: t.b.a.
Population growth: 0.55% (322)
Life expectancy: 68.3 (male), 75.2 (female)
Top 5 cities (+ inhabitants):
 ·  Nucani (359,109)
 ·  Ƨiƨtoepur (156,741)
 ·  Poeghavit (90,226)
 ·  Caulaff (74,321)
 ·  Gaeveric (44,565)
Ethnic groups: Kencari, Pocari, Ingallish, Bėltse, Flovaignian, Davenportian
Languages: Lake Kencari (official), Coastal Kencari, Ingallish, South-Pocari, Bėltse, Flovaignian
Literacy: 94%
Religions: Orthodox Church of Bowdani (83%), Thuwkism (11%), other (6%)
Universities: none

Independence: 29 October 318 (secession from the LUKP)
Capital: Nucani
Administrative division: 15 provinces
Head of state: King Moeh I Ppiobah-Auss (since 29 October 318)
Legislative: a unicameral parliament (125 members)
Political parties: Parti ppe Bbueduc laem Nucani ha (PBN; Party for the Rise of Nucani), Gespae Parti (GP; Royalist Party), Distriddokappiostae Parti (DP; Republican Party), Nievac Ortudaks Haduff (NOH; United Orthodox Movement), Nieces Eliff sco Moeguff laem (NEM; Union for Progress and Development), Nucanippae Haduff Baugadawi laem (NHB; Nucani Movement for Citizens), Aucar Bburie Boetes ha (ABB; Fortress of Free Enterprise)
Head of government: Prime Minister Rass Bbaugust (since 29 October 318)
Minister of foreign affairs: Iovis Ddorna (f, since 4 November 318)
International organisations: United Nations of Vexillium, STOIC
Judiciary: t.b.a.
GDP: 22.4 billion; 5,363 per capita (est. 322)
Currency: Kencari Suba
Inflation: 5.8% (322)
Unemployment: 10% (est. 1/1/323)
Working population: agriculture 26.9%, industry 36.1%, services 37.0%
Export: t.b.a.
Import: t.b.a.
Main trade partners: STOIC, other Smalik nations
Main companies: t.b.a.

International phone number: +355 (shared with Western Shore and Bbukes)
Main local numbers: (0)1, (0)4, (0)5
Internet code: .nu, .nuc
Main newspapers: t.b.a.
Time zone: CMT -3

Roads: t.b.a.
Railroads: t.b.a.
Airports: t.b.a.

Highest mountain: t.b.a.
Longest river: t.b.a.
Climate: temperate

Official holidays: t.b.a.
National anthem: t.b.a.
Flag: three horizontal panels blue-yellow-purple; a yellow circle in the centre contains the white Bowdani star.

Geography and climate
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Nucani is a constitutional monarchy with a king who mostly acts as a ceremonial head of state. There is a unicameral parliament of 125 members who represent local constituencies and are directly elected in two rounds for four year terms. The last elections were held on 1 June 322 and resulted in another victory for the Party for the Rise of Nucani (PBN), with its leader Rass Bbaugust being confirmed for a second term as Prime Minister.

List of Kings of Nucani (Ppiobah-Auss dynasty)
  318 - 318   Moeh I

List of Prime Ministers of Nucani
  318 - 324   Rass Bbaugust

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Society, culture, and sports
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