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Free Republic of the Western Shore

Official name: Bburie ppe Distriddokappiost Gezu ppe Scued ha (Lake Kencari); Ripablic Pre Scot Ħdă sa (North-Pocari) 'Free Republic of the Western Shore'
Demonym: of the Western Shore
Regime: republic
Establishment: 9 November 316 (secession from the LUKP)
National anthem: t.b.a.
National holidays: Day of the Kencari Peoples (30 April), Independence Day (9 November)

Population: 1,734,004 (1-1-324 est.)
- Growth: 1.90% (323)
- Density: t.b.a.
- Life expectancy: 73.3 years (men), 78.2 years (women)

Capital: Taskae
Largest city: Bbicobes
Ethnic groups: Ingallish, Kencari, Pocari, Tak
Official language: Lake Kencari, North-Pocari
Other languages: Ingallish, Tak
Literacy: 98%
Religions: Orthodox Church of Bowdani (84%), Tak earth religion (14%), Papaist Church (1%), other (1%)
Universities: none

Legislature: Parliament (77 members)

Head of State and Government: Prime Minister Cuvăr Addiħ (NP, since 321)
Minister of foreign affairs: Benjamin Turning (LPWS, since 321)

Membership international organisations:
- United Nations of Vexillium, STOIC

Area: t.b.a.
Highest point: t.b.a.
Longest river: t.b.a.
Climate: temperate
Time Zone: CMT -3

GDP (nominal): 64.99 billion (est. 323)
GDP (nominal) per capita: 37,479 (est. 323)
Currency: Suba
Inflation: 4.7% (323)
Unemployment: 4.7% (1-1-324 est.)
Working population:
- agriculture: 38.1%
- industry: 31.4%
- services: 30.5%
Export: t.b.a.
Import: t.b.a.
Main trade partners: STOIC, other Smalik nations

Drives on the: right

Calling code: +355 (shared with Nucani and Bbukes)
Main local numbers: (0)2 ((0)28 Taskae), (0)6, (0)9
Internet TLD: .wt, .wsh

Western Shore, officially the Free Republic of the Western Shore (Lake Kencari: Bburie ppe Distriddokappiost Gezu ppe Scued ha; North-Pocari: Ripablic Pre Scot Ħdă sa) is a country on the western shore of Lake Pearyt, located between the Free States of Tak, the Free City of Bbukes, and the Republic of Kencari. It unilaterally seceded from the Lectern of United Kencari Peoples (LUKP) on 9 November 316. Although a majority of Western Shore citizens wasn't initially in favour of this move, developments that lead to further disintegration of the LUKP silenced any voices calling to rejoin the LUKP.

Geography and climate

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Administrative division
Nine provinces

Top 5 cities (+ inhabitants)
 ·  Bbicobes (238,666)
 ·  Taskae (224,513)
 ·  Zobis Ppiesta Gue (35,608)
 ·  Tekit (Tăccit) (26,061)
 ·  Karvo (Carvŏ) (19,799)

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Political parties
 ·  Nature Party (NP)
 ·  Independence Party (IP)
 ·  Labour Party of the Western Shore (LPWS)
 ·  Common Endeavours (CE)
 ·  Movement for Progress and Stability (MPS)
 ·  Combined Forces for Solidarity (CFS)

List of Prime Ministers of the Western Shore
  316 - 317   Mr Đona Cottur (CE, acting)
  317 - 321   Mr Kenneth Irving (LPWS)
  321 - 325   Mr Cuvăr Addiħ (NP)

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Society, culture, and sports

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